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The Maries R-1 School District is located in South Central Missouri, approximately 40 miles southeast of Jefferson City, our state capitol.  The school is located in the city of Vienna and is comprised of one school campus housing the elementary school (Pre-K through 5th grade), the middle school (6th through 8th grades), and the high school (9th through 12 grade).  Our school district covers approximately 327 square miles (27 largest out of 516 districts in the state in square miles) made up of mainly woodlands and farm land. A large portion of the population in Maries County (8,963 people), including our students, enjoy working and playing in the outdoors to include farming, hunting, fishing, hiking, and participating in sports. 

The Maries R-1 School District serves approximately 490 students with 67 staff members.  Student attending Maries R-1 can participate in sports, which include, basketball, baseball/softball, track, cross country, and cheerleading. Other activities that students can participate include band, FFA, archery, drama, and academic competition teams to name a few.

As a community we are very proud of our school and students carry on this pride both in and out of the classroom. Parent and community support for our school and it’s students is second to none as school pride is very evident throughout the community. Our community shows Eagle Pride on a daily basis.

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To see an Interactive map of our school district, visit DESE’s website here and choose Maries R-1 from the pull down menu on the right.