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Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a voluntary early childhood parent education and family support program for parents who have children from birth to five Pre-K years of age designed to help all parents give their children the best possible start in life.

Personal Visits
These visits are the heart of the PAT program. A parent educator, knowledgeable about child development and brain research on early learning, helps you understand what to expect as your child grows and offers practical suggestions on encouraging and managing challenging behavior.

Group Meetings
The group meetings allow you to meet other parents to gain new insights, share experiences and discuss parenting topics. They also give you the opportunity to participate in parent-child activities.

Your parent educator administers screenings periodically. They are used to assess your child’s overall development and to provide early detection of potential problems to prevent difficulties later in school.

Resource Network
Families are helped to access other community services that are beyond the scope of the PAT program.