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YCHC-Your Community Health Center

Your Community Health Center (YCHC)

Your Community Health Center  (YCHC) will be visiting our school this school year to provide on-site medical and dental services. This is the first year that this service has been provided to our school students and we are excited with this new service.

Through this service, students and staff will be able to have a virtual doctor’s office visit when they are not feeling well. With new technology, staff will be able to obtain vital signs, listen to your child’s heart, lungs, and abdomen, view their ears, throat, and skin to quickly diagnose and treat many of the most common conditions, such as cold/flu, congesdtion, respiratory issues, sore throat, rashes, ear infections, stomach aches, and others.

With their Smile Mobile unit their dental staff can provide dental diagnostic and preventative services which an include screenings, x-rays, cleaning, flouride, and sealants. If treatment beyone preventative dental services is recommended, a seperate consent form will be sent home to review prior to any further treatment.

The purpose of this program is not to replace your regular family doctor but to assist families in getting immediate care for a student if there is no other time or way to do so. (Please do not send kids to school if you know they are sick before school as they may be contagious and may endanger others by exposure)

For your child to receive health care services during the 2020-2021 school year, please complete the registration form that can be downloaded at the following link.  (Click Here to download the Registration Form)  A staff member will contact you before any medical appointment via telephone to discuss your child’s wellness at that time.  YCHC does ask that if your child has health insurance to please include a copy of the insurance card.  YCHC accepts most major insurance plans to include Medicade plans.

Please complete the registration form if you are interested in taking advantage of this service and send it back to your child’s school with a copy of their insurance card (if applicable)

For any questions about this program and services available, please call the YCHC contact person below.

YCHC Contact Person:

Jaimee Marcee, BSN RN